Friday, September 28, 2007

Droid factory in full swing!

So since I have NO room in my new apartment, I have moved the droid factor to my break room at work (with the bosses permission). It has more then enough room without getting in the way. Plus I can do work on him at lunch. Bonus!

Start dry fitting the legs last night. Here is the left leg. After looking online last night, I noticed that the six small holes in the ankle are now different in the new I need to find a way to make the changes.

And here are all three legs. Now that I know how they go together, I can start to clean and glue all the pieces. Once that is done it is on to sanding and priming.

Did a quick skin line up to make sure everything is matching up. If that doesn't make you excited...I don't know what will.

Now that I have a good idea on how everything goes together, I need to start pre-drilling the frame. If I can get the frame glued and screwed before the dome shows up, I will be in pretty good shape.

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